Professional Repair Service

Professional Repair Service

Don’t wait to receive expert advice on your broken machine. Visit Louisville Vacuum for answers.

Name-Brand Products

Name-Brand Products

We carry trusted brands because you shouldn’t clean your home with anything less than the best.

Contact Louisville Vacuum

Contact Louisville Vacuum

Call 303-666-1288 for store specials, repair services and the latest inventory details.

Louisville Vacuum Is Committed to Cleaning House

Choose a Louisville, CO vacuum that gets the job done

Maintaining a clutter-free home takes time and effort. Louisville Vacuum strives to simplify the process with first-rate vacuums. Enjoy the streamlined technology of our top products and maneuver around furnishings with ease. Visit our Louisville, Colorado vacuum shop to browse extensive stock. You could bring home the newest member of your family today – a trustworthy vacuum built to last. Call 303-666-1288 for more product information.

Extensive warrantees on your favorite products

Purchasing a better vacuum is a decision worthy of deliberation. You have specific cleaning requirements that must be met. You have a budget you’d prefer not to break. Louisville Vacuum can help on both counts. Our family has been in the vacuum business for over 20 years. We research the latest in vacuum design and order America’s most beloved vacuum brands. Contact us with questions and concerns and take advantage of our comprehensive warrantees.

Louisville Vacuum sells products that are built to stick around. You’ll love testing popular models from:

  • Dyson
  • Shark
  • Hoover
  • Royal
  • Oreck

4 qualities of a superior vacuum

You want a vacuum that sucks up grime and grit. We’ll sell you a machine that can handle the task. Keep an eye out for these four qualities as you pick your perfect model:

  1. Sufficient attachments
  2. Lightweight body
  3. Sizable dirt bin
  4. Adequate suction

Numerous factors can influence your vacuum purchase. Who does most of the vacuuming at home? If you have teens who like to clean (a rare breed), will they be able to lift the machine? Do you mind regularly emptying a small dirt bin, or would you prefer a vacuum built for a bigger load? You should also consider the type of surface you vacuum most regularly. Don’t buy a heavy-duty machine for a fragile oriental rug.

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