Experience a Vacuum Victory When You Visit Us

Your cleaning days aren’t over thanks to Louisville Vacuum repair

You were humming along, hoovering up dirt and making beautifully neat vacuum lines, when your vacuum juddered to a halt. You examined every inch of your machine and couldn’t decipher any problems. Gutted, you prepared for the worst – an expensive rushed order on a brand new vacuum. Then you remembered Louisville Vacuum.

For quick and affordable vacuum repairs in Boulder, Colorado, come to Louisville Vacuum. Our technicians have more than 15 years of repair experience and can tackle all vacuum brands and models. We know you have carpet and hardwood to clean, so we work swiftly to resolve vacuum issues. You can maintain a spotless home when you choose Louisville Vacuum for maintenance and repairs.

3 common vacuum problems you shouldn’t ignore

  1. An overheated motor
  2. Loss of suction
  3. A blocked filter

The Louisville Vacuum team can address common vacuum problems like these. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your machine, ask us for warranty details. Call (303) 449-8913 to schedule a vacuum service or learn more about our vacuum inventory in Boulder, Colorado.